Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will New Village Academy open? 

We will open in Fall 2024. Now that we have our Board of Education approval, we are working to finalize lease negotiations with Westifled Annapolis Mall for a second-level space (above the Container Store), with its own separate entrance and a second-level (shared) parking area. The Mall is an ideal location for our unique school model, because it is a community and transportation hub with lots of opportunities for partnerships, internships, and community action projects!  

How does enrollment work? 

Charter School enrollment happens through the AACPS enrollment portal, which opens October 9th, 2023.  All magnet and charter schools are listed there and you can apply to as many of them as you choose.  After the application window closes, if there are more students who have applied than spaces in the school, there is a lottery.  The New Village Academy lottery window is extended to January 19th, to give families more time to learn about this new option.  After that time, you will be notified if your child has a spot or has been put on the waiting list. Then there is another process for accepting your spot at the school.  If we have fewer applicants than spaces, the enrollment window will stay open until we are full.  

If you need help with the application process, you can call us at ‪(410) 216-4626‬, come to office hours any Wednesday evening from 5-6 at this Google Meet,  OR stop by our partner OHLA (Organization of Hispanic Latin Americans) at 80 West Street on weekdays between 8am and 1pm for walk-in help in Spanish.  

Who can attend New Village Academy? 

Any student going into grades 9-12 who lives in Anne Arundel County can attend. Our first-year enrollment will 150 students ( increasing each year until we serve 250 students in Year 4).   

What kind of student is a "good fit" for New Village Academy?

ANY student who CHOOSES this approach - who WANTS the additional choice and responsibility of taking the lead in their own education is a "good fit!"  Parents, be sure to involve your child actively in the decision to attend! 

Students, if traditional middle or high school has been uninspiring or limiting for you; if you want get involved in "being the change" in Annapolis and the world; or if you have particular interests you don't want to wait until graduation to pursue, you will thrive at New Village!

Will there be transportation? 

As a small school open to a very large geographic area, we will not be able to provide school buses.  However, we have negotiated free transportation on public transit for both Annapolis City and Anne Arundel County public transit buses and our location at Westfield Annapolis Mall is the destination for most of those routes.  We are happy to help you figure out the closest route to your home.   

Will you have school lunch? Can students eat lunch in the Mall?

We will offer the same school meals that other public schools have, provided by AACPS using the same lunch numbers.  Students can, of course, also bring their own lunch.  After the first few months, students who have demonstrated that they are ready for the responsibility of going into the Mall for lunch will be able to earn that privilege, as long as they demonstrate excellent conduct in the Mall and return to class on time each day.  

What are the school hours at New Village? School calendar? 

We will follow the AACPS high school calendar and start times for the 2024-25 school year. We are currently planning on 8:30-3:30 each day.  

Wednesdays are work-based learning days - all students who are ready for an internship will be in a workplace on Wednesdays.  Students who are not yet ready for an internship placement will be with their Crew all morning until 1:00, working together on career exploration, volunteering, job-shadowing, and other activities.  From 1:00-3:00, they will pursue Accountable Independent Study at home, in the community, or on campus, while teachers engage in the professional development and collaborative curriculum planning that our unique approach requires. 

Will there be a nurse and school counselor on staff? 

Yes! We will have a school nurse provided by the Health Department, and a full-time school counselor. Other services that larger high schools have will be provided by consultants or by our community partners.  We are in negotiations with Total Health Care, a family health clinic, to share our space in the Mall and partner with us to provide wraparound physical and mental health services, as well as student internships and shared community action projects!  

Will students earn credits to graduate from high school with a diploma? Will the credits easily transfer to another high school if we move?

Students earn credit differently than in traditional high schools, working toward mastery of academic, personal, career, and life skills, demonstrated in their portfolios, instead of just doing seat time in classes to earn credit (and sometimes being passed along without actually learning).  Students are more accountable to actually learning each "Competency" or skill, but can do it in a variety of ways:  through blended learning, whole class teacher-led learning, internships and apprenticeships, online coursework (though we are NOT a virtual school), afterschool programs, and college coursework for dual credit - earning high school credit and college credit at the same time.  Most students will start in structured class settings and build their capacity for more self-directed learning over time. 

Because we are a part of AACPS, we have developed a conversion system so that their portfolio-based Competency scoring will earn them credits that look much the same on their external-facing transcripts and would transfer to other school districts or other AACPS schools seamlessly.  Our diploma will be recognized by AACPS and by colleges and universities just like any other public high school diploma. 

Can New Village Academy serve students with IEPs? 

Yes, of course! Every public school, including charters, is bound by law to meet the IEP provisions of each student enrolled.  At New Village Academy, our personalized learning model allows for students with a diversity of learning styles to thrive and we will have certified special education teachers working with students with IEPs as needed.   Because we are a small school, some students with intensive or complex needs may find they have access to more comprehensive programming in a larger school with more capacity to provide specialized services.  Our staff and the AACPS Special Education Team will work with individual families to support them with all the information they need to make the best choice for their student's particular needs.  

Will there be field trips? 

Yes! Lots! Because we have access to public transportation, a more flexible schedule, and "the City of Annapolis as our classroom," students will be out in the real world, often on a weekly basis, collaborating with local government, doing community service projects, job shadowing, and, once they show readiness, independently working in internships or apprenticeships and community college courses.  

What about Cultural Arts? Activities? Sports? 

We are leveraging the amazing arts community of Annapolis, including a partnership with Maryland Hall, for artist residencies embedded in our Community Action projects.  We will have clubs, physical education, and a variety of activities at school, both during and after the school day, but will probably NOT have formal competitive sports teams, because of our size and location.  We encourage student-athletes to participate in community sports teams if that is their passion. 

How will families be involved at New Village?

Families are expected to be much MORE engaged at New Village than in traditional high schools. Every student's enrollment starts with a Family Home Visit by their Crew leader and another NVA staff member to get everyone acquainted.  Families will know their child's Crew leader well and communicate regularly.  Parents are key members of their student's Navigation Team, meeting four times a year hearing their student present their work portfolio, asking questions that challenge and support, and then helping them establish goals for the next quarter and for their future.  Family members are also expected to attend Celebrations of Learning and annual Gateway Ceremonies- where students present and celebrate their learning and growth.  

I have more questions!  Can I talk to someone? 

Yes!  We have Office Hours on Google Meet every Wednesday from 5-6 at this link.  We also have in-person Open House Events each month at the Discoveries Library in Annapolis Mall.  The dates of our Open Houses are: 

OCTOBER: Monday 10/30 6:00-7:30 PM

NOVEMBER: Thursday 11/9 6:00-7:30 PM

DECEMBER: Sunday 12/10 2:00-4:00 PM

JANUARY: Tuesday 1/8/ 6:00-7:30 PM

How can I help? What can families and community members do to support  New Village Academy's success?